The Leadership Gift™ Program 2015

Leadership. Ownership. Empowerment. Overused buzzwords which I try to avoid – they certainly trigger my bulls**t sensors. After two years in this program, I actually find myself using them in earnest.

It is not overstating things to say that this program has turned my life around.  2 years ago, I was feeling trapped by circumstance and other people’s expectations.  My career was heading in a direction I didn’t want, I had so much to do I couldn’t work on the things that interested me, and I felt overwhelmed with obligation.

Now, after 2 years in The Leadership Gift™ Program, I have worked out what is actually important to me, and I have taken ownership of my life and my decisions to align with this. I have moved away from management back to the technical leadership I enjoy, and become more valuable to my company as a result. I have given my team the space to take their responsibility and ownership for their delivery, and have been delighted to watch them stepping up and growing in ability. I recognise that I always have a choice, and accept the consequences of my decisions, and as a result I feel I am in control of my life.  I am properly happy for the first time in years – and my family are delighted with the difference in me.

Christopher will soon be starting the program again, and as a current member, I have been given a discount code for my friends – this includes you.  He will be holding free Preview Webinars during the last week of September and the first week of October (dates and times not yet scheduled). Registration will open the last week of September. The Leadership Gift™ Program 2015 Core Module 1 kicks off Friday, October 10. All the Core Modules and Q&A Dialog dates for The Leadership Gift™ Program 2015 are on their shared calendar.

More details are on the VIP program page at , and sign up with IBBLGP to get the $100 rebate.  If it changes your life half as much as it has changed mine it will be worth it.

If you’re not yet convinced, come along to my free taster session on 1st September and/or Christopher’s one-day workshop on 14th November for a no-obligation way to find out more.

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