Pushing responsibility down and empowering the team – free session 1st September

What would it be like if people around you would actually take responsibility for finding solutions and getting things done?

  • Do you wish people around you would take more ownership for solving problems, rather than wasting valuable time discussing whose problem it is?
  • Do you find your team members sitting back waiting to be told to do what they know should be done?
  • Are you striving to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you?
  • Are you trying to introduce change, but finding that banging your head on the wall hurts?
  • And what is responsibility, anyway?

Those of you who were at Lean Agile Scotland last year may remember I gave a talk on “Pushing Responsibility Down and Empowering the Team”. Now with the benefit of an extra year’s experience, I am going to run it again on the 1st September. I am also excited about a couple of opportunities for you to learn in more detail from Christopher Avery himself. So first, the FREE evening session:

When: Monday 1st September, 7:30
Where: Wolfson Microelectronics plc, Westfield House, 26 Westfield Road, EH11 2QB (across the railway line from Murrayfield Stadium; buses 22 & 30 stop outside). Thank you to Wolfson for providing the venue for this event.
Price: Free
Who for: Team leaders, managers, proactive team members, anyone who wants to take charge of their life


“Measure up, push responsibility down.” That’s one phrase which has stuck with me ever since Mary and Tom Poppendieck taught the Lean Software Development course in Glasgow in 2004.

At the time I nodded sagely. It seemed to make sense. I wasn’t leading a team then…

There has been a lot of literature about measuring up – measuring at the level of the group rather than the individual to promote teamwork and collaboration. There has been less about Pushing Responsibility Down and empowering the team, and as I’ve found out over the years it’s easier said than done. How do you do that? And what does it actually mean?

In the talk, I am going to examine what it means to Push Responsibility Down, building on research by Bill McCarley and Christopher Avery. (If you haven’t followed Christopher’s writing, BTW, I thoroughly recommend it.) I’ll also take it further and show how it can help you take charge of your life like I’ve taken charge of mine.

For those of you who weren’t at the talk last year, this is a free opportunity to hear about this research. For those of you who were – I’ve got both more time and more experience than I did last year, so I’ll be able to expand what I talk about.

If you’re planning to attend, please contact me using the following form so I know how many people to allow for.

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