Last few days for early-bird on Christopher Avery

The early-bird discount on Christopher Avery’s workshop Leading And Coaching People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership in Edinburgh runs out at the end of September.  Get in soon to secure your discount, and use code AGILESCOT14 to get a further £50 discount, bringing it down to £545.  If you miss the early-bird, that code will get you a £100 discount off the standard price, bringing it down to £595.  But hurry – the longer you wait, the more you’ll pay even with these discounts, and that code expires on 31st October.

Book now to secure your discount, and remember to use AGILESCOT14.

If you’ve forgotten why to go along – here’s a reminder:

Do People Around You Waste Valuable Time And Energy NOT Taking Ownership For Obvious and Important Problems?

  • Do you wish people around you would take more ownership for solving problems, rather than wasting valuable time discussing whose problem it is?
  • Do you find your team members sitting back waiting to be told to do what they know should be done?
  • Are you striving to be efficient but lose a lot of time to resistance and defensiveness around you?
  • Are you trying to introduce change, but finding that banging your head on the wall hurts?
  • And what is responsibility, anyway?

When: 14th November 2014
Where: Central Edinburgh (exact venue TBD, but in or around the Royal Mile)
Price: Full price £695.  Use code AGILESCOT14 to get early-bird £545 until end September, or £595 until end October. Book now to secure your discount.

In one fun, action-packed day DISCOVER HOW TO Lead and Coach People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership while dramatically reducing cost and time-to-deliver and increasing productivity and sanity.

Applied research over the last twenty-five years on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility works in the mind (how we avoid it and take it) now makes it possible for coaches and leaders to understand and teach the mental processes, language, and keys to personal responsibility.

Doing so inspires those around you to demonstrate far greater ownership behavior as individuals, and in teams and enterprises. You will add more value as your team or clients take ownership; practice self-leadership; and learn, correct, and improve more easily, directly, and quickly.

More details and booking form at in now with AGILESCOT14 to secure your £150 early-bird discount, or remember the discount code for a £100 discount until end October.

Hope to see you there – I’m already booked on.

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