Esther Derby Change Artistry – 10th Sep in Edinburgh

Managers have good reasons to ask the people in their organizations to change: they want to get products to market faster, reduce costs, improve quality. Maybe you’ve tried to implement such a change–only to find that people hang onto their old ways. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, ‘Why is it that people resist these reasonable requests to change?’

Learn what it takes to help people in organizations change–and stick to those changes. In this workshop, you’ll learn why making contact is the critical first step in any change, and how to support people through change. You’ll learn to recognize existing structures that work against change.

Through simulations, exercises, and small group activities, we’ll explore how people experience change, and how systems can thwart change. In this workshop, you’ll build your Change Artist Toolkit, and boost your ability to help teams and organizations make changes.

You will learn:

  • Why making contact is the first step in any change–and how to do it.
  • How people experience change at the emotional level and how to support them through change.
  • How to recognize underlying–sometimes invisible–structures that hold old patterns in place.

There are still some tickets available for this pre-conference workshop. If you are a manager, leader, coach or Scrum Master this is a great opportunity to add to your change toolkit. Find out more and pick up your ticket at

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