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The Leadership Gift™ Program 2015

Leadership. Ownership. Empowerment. Overused buzzwords which I try to avoid – they certainly trigger my bulls**t sensors. After two years in this program, I actually find myself using them in earnest. It is not overstating things to say that this … Continue reading

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Leading and Coaching People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership – 14th November 2014, Edinburgh

I’m delighted that I’ve managed to persuade Christopher Avery to come to Edinburgh to teach this workshop. This is the first time he has presented it in the UK. Consider “Pushing Responsibility Down and Empowering the Team” as a short … Continue reading

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Pushing responsibility down and empowering the team – free session 1st September

What would it be like if people around you would actually take responsibility for finding solutions and getting things done? Do you wish people around you would take more ownership for solving problems, rather than wasting valuable time discussing whose … Continue reading

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