Influential Agile Leader event comes to Europe

I’m really excited! I have been following Gil Broza and Johanna Rothman in different ways over the past few years, and earlier this year they got together in Boston in an interactive training event “The Influential Agile Leader”. I would have loved to go – I respect both of them immensely, and the event sounded amazing – but I couldn’t rustle up either the funds or the time to travel across the Atlantic at that notice.  From all reports, it was a great event.

Now the amazing news: they’re running it again next year, and they’re coming to Europe (as well as North America). In fact they’re coming to Edinburgh. 22nd-23rd May 2014. Put the date in your diaries now – and sign up before the end of December for a massive super-early-bird discount. Use discount code ASC_IAL_2014 for an extra £100 off.

Need a bit more information? Here’s more detail, based on how they describe the event.

Does the following describe your situation?

  • You consider yourself sensible and pragmatic, but you’re oh-so frustrated.
  • People go through the Agile motions. And, it doesn’t seem like agile to you. It sure looks like business as usual.
  • Your team or bosses aren’t receptive to your feedback, coaching, or suggestions for improvements.

Gil Broza and Johanna Rothman can help you. Come to Edinburgh on 22nd-23rd May for an intensive two-day event in a small group (no more than 35) of committed leaders. Attendees will develop two critical skills: influence and coaching. They will immerse themselves in the necessary attitudes of Agile leaders. And they will lay the foundation for sustainable Agility in their organizations.

Gil is an Agile consultant and coach, and the author of “The Human Side of Agile”, a book which looks at the side of Agile development that is beyond processes – it recognises that Agile development is done by real people with real concerns, beliefs, preconceptions and behaviours.

Johanna is the author of several authoritative books on managing for success in the real world, including “Manage It!”, “Manage Your Project Portfolio”, “Behind Closed Doors – the Secrets of Good Management” and “Hiring Geeks that Fit”.

In this unique, transformative event, deeper and more personal than a workshop, smaller than a conference, and tailored to the participants, you’ll spend two packed, focused days with them and with your peers — all of whom are in similar situations.

You’ll grow personally and professionally as you:

  • Understand how and when to influence others
  • Explore how and when to coach both up and down
  • Boost your confidence to respond effectively to challenges with your organization
  • Learn to manage the frustration of the change agent
  • Stay congruent, present, and centered as a leader in a confusing, demanding, and changing environment
  • Gain strategies, tools, and insights relevant to the challenges and needs of an Agile leader when not everybody is moving in the same direction
  • Stop being alone, and connect with others who are rowing upstream in a similar boat.

Gil and Johanna will work experientially, so you learn and practice. No slides or thick shelfware. You’ll practice soft skills in a safe environment, with them. You’ll practice with your peers, and learn how to apply what they teach, so you can use it when you return to your organization.

The event is set up so you can network with peers in similar situations: learn from them, bounce ideas around, collaborate with them, stay in touch with them for extra support. (We don’t just get anyone to attend, we attract attendees who fit a certain profile!)

Listen to Gil and Johanna previewing the event along with input from their tribe, in this recording.

I’m really excited! This is the first time they have brought this event to Europe. Mark it in your diary now: 22nd-23rd May 2014, Edinburgh. Find more information, and sign up, at .  And sign up before the end of December 2013 for a super-early-bird rate of more than 30% off.

Although some specialized skill training for senior managers does exist, there is hardly anything specific for the soft skills, and the mind-set, you need in your situation. Where else can you develop your influence and coaching, immerse yourself in Agile leadership attitudes, and receive concentrated help to overcome organizational and team inertia? This one is unique, this is the first time in Europe, and there’s no knowing when we’d offer it again. Use this opportunity to invest in yourself.

I hope to see you there.

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