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How do you “push responsibility down” and “empower the team”?

“Measure up, push responsibility down.” That’s one phrase which has stuck with me ever since Mary and Tom Poppendieck taught the Lean Software Development course in Glasgow in 2004. At the time I nodded sagely. It seemed to make sense. … Continue reading

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The steps to responsibility

Bob Marshall stated on Twitter “More and more, from many directions, it seems ever more bizarre to blame people (individuals) for things that happen (or don’t).” Christopher Avery’s research, building on work by Bill McCarley, Marshall Thurber and Werner Earhart, … Continue reading

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Last week I was at the Lean Agile Scotland Conference 2012. Liz Keogh @lunivore gave an excellent keynote on respect, as in respect for your co-workers, which she defined (from the Latin) as re-spectare or look again. She gave an … Continue reading

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