Follow-up to How do you “push responsibility down” and “empower the team”

Thank you to everyone who came to the talk today at Lean Agile Scotland #LAScot13. I was delighted (and relieved) to have a full room, and thank you for engaging with me in the discussion during and afterwards.

In summary: taking 100% responsibility focuses on getting the job done well, once and for all. The Responsibility Process™ is a framework/language of the automatic steps we all go through when we have an upset. Without awareness it is easy to get stuck in a state which isn’t resourceful and doesn’t solve the problem. With awareness, you can catch yourself in a particular state and move out on to the next state.

Slides and video are here:

Feel free to email questions to or tweet to @badgertaming.

You can find out more about The Responsibility Process on Christopher Avery’s site. If you are interested in taking it further, Christopher is also about to re-start his training programme “The Leadership Gift™” looking at The Responsibility Process and related topics in more detail. If you go to this VIP page you can sign up for a free preview session, and if you use the code IBBLGP you get 10% off if you decide to continue.

I have found it life-changing over the past year – it has helped me work out what I really want, helped me clear out the dross that was preventing me from getting there, and helped me take action and ownership of my life. My family have commented on how I’m a much happier person now than I was a year ago. I am not on commission – I just want you to have the same opportunity I’ve had and continue to have.

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