Lean Agile Scotland 2013

Lean Agile Scotland 2013 is only 2 weeks away! 19th-20th September, once again in Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. And  if you quote code LASCOT13IBH when you order your tickets, you can get 10% off. But hurry – this discount only lasts until Sunday 8th September.

The inaugural conference last year gave me plenty food for thought – see my posts on Respect, Is the planning game disrespectful, and Is planning waste – and you can still catch up with the videos.

The line-up this year looks even better. Keynotes from Jim Benson of Personal Kanban, talking about continuous improvement, and from Dave Snowden. Also from Claudio Perrone, the force behind A3 Thinker, and from Chris Matts, coach of the Microsoft Skype team.

Lots of interesting sessions – so many they’ve had to split it into three tracks this year instead of two. I’m looking forward to Clarke Ching’s talk on Soup from Stones – bringing the old fable right up to date by showing how he conned two businesses who hated each other into collaborating very successfully. Håkan Forss’s session on improving flow rather than resource efficiency resonates. Marc Johnson talks about getting better at making decisions.

With personal experience of the extra challenges a distributed agile team brings, I’m interested to hear what Paul Wilson and  Alan Gardner have to say on the matter. Steve Tendon’s talk on Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust sounds as though it will complement my talk on “pushing responsibility down” and “empowering the team”.

And that’s not even half the talks on offer.  2 days packed with interest.  Lots of like-minded people to discuss with and bounce ideas off. Be there.

19th-20th September 2013, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. Lean Agile Scotland 2013. Get your tickets now, and hope to see you there!

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