Are your stories effective? Can the developers pick them up and know immediately what to do (and more to the point, when they’re done)?  Or do your stories look like this:

“Need to get electronic patient signatures”

In “StoryCrafting: from idea to action in the face of unknowns“, Nancy van Schooenderwoert gives 4 questions which will help turn a vague story like this into a tight, clear story like this:


Get electronic patient signatures.


As a Nurse, I want to capture electronic patient signatures and related bar codes for better record keeping and billing.

Conditions of Satisfaction:

  • Legal and financial disclosures are displayed.
  • Bar codes captured (Patient ID, Items) and patient signature.
  • Transaction is recorded.

As Nancy says, the second version is more useful in helping the team actually achieve what it set out to do because it gives just the right, concise specifics. Check out the article for details.

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