Something happened on the way to Agile

A couple of months after starting their Agile journey, most practitioners encounter the same challenges and concerns (you are not alone!) They have burning questions, but rarely do they have someone to ask.

Gil Broza has compiled a mini-program in which he addresses 20 of these all-too-common questions.  It’s called “Something happened on the way to Agile”, and you can sign up here.

It starts with the fundamental question “If we commit to delivery dates, how can we allow on-going feedback and changes?” I’m going through it now, and there are still useful pointers and reminders for experienced practitioners.  I’ve just received the question: Is the user experience designer part of the definition team or part of the delivery team?  The natural action would be to lump them with all the other developers (or worse still, call them in as a consultant to turn the engineering output into something usable by non-geeks), but as Gil argues they should be helping define what and how to have the most effect – it’s a lot easier to build something in which usability has been thought about up-front than to retro-fit usability to existing screens and interaction flows.

It made me think.

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